Data Quality Assurance

Good decisions rely on good data.   Data quality is paramount for asset integrity management systems to work as advertised.  Good quality data helps to prevent failures and incidents, while pointing to where reliability and performance can be improved.

INFORMONICS leverages advanced technologies and integrity expert know-how to ensure the highest quality asset data.

To quickly and thoroughly check all data we use our powerful ARMS™ platform.  ARMS is able to pull information from all major asset sources ranging from enterprise databases, SCADA systems and spreadsheets to paper documents. Once collected, ARMS automatically checks for missing or false records (spelling, incorrect ranges, etc.).  Information on each asset is also reconciled (i) across its life-cycle and (ii) against over 600 specialized industry guidelines and calculations.  Reconciliation is an especially robust quality check, because it immediately flags discrepancies by comparing historical, current and predicted state across an asset’s life.   As a final step, data is reviewed by our asset integrity experts.

Not only does INFORMONICS' data quality assurance improve outcomes by creating a 'source of truth' on the condition of thousands of assets, but by automating data collection and validation INFORMONICS can cut client’s data handling costs by as much as 80%.