Automated Data Extraction

Most asset information is delivered to facilities owner-operators in paper, PDF and other non-database friendly formats.  This generally includes a plant's initial engineering drawings, equipment datasheets and asset tag lists. Add to this regularly produced maintenance and inspection reports.  Important specifications may also live on equipment name plates.   None of this information can be readily used in enterprise software. 

INFORMONICS' data automated extraction system overcomes the 'paper problem'.  The XactiO™ system instantly captures and organizes data from any number of physical and image formats: paper, photos, PDF,  JPEG, GIF and other image file types.   Our specially developed machine learning algorithm not only captures characters, but extracts them in context.   Information in tables, forms and engineering drawings is all automatically organized and formatted for instant use in database systems.   Little to no manual intervention is needed.


XactiO is quick and accurate.  Document processing costs are a fraction of manual inputting or current commercial OCR solutions.   And no costly and time consuming set-up is required. 

INFORMONICS' automated data extraction service helps facility owner-operators to overcome a significant barrier in adopting condition-based asset integrity management systems and other transformative digital technologies.