Integrity Management Optimization

INFORMONICS' has partnered with leading chief inspectors to dramatically improve integrity procedures and save facility operators millions annually. 

Our approach uniquely combines INFORMONICS' powerful ARMS™ asset integrity management system with experienced chief inspectors.  ARMS creates a 'single source of truth' by automatically collecting, validating and analyzing asset data across a variety of sources.  The system also instantly ranks assets on condition and risk.   With all asset information at their fingertips, chief inspectors can efficiently and effectively develop integrity strategies, draw up equipment and maintenance schedules, create inspection work plans and pull data needed for regulatory reporting. 

In one turnaround cycle, owner-operators typically save $2-6 million on a mid-sized facility by optimizing turnarounds and preventing unforeseen shutdowns.  Simultaneously operators will cut annual asset integrity data handling costs by over 80% - or about half a million dollars -  through automation.

INFORMONICS' integrity management optimization service is a comprehensive solution that ensures safe, reliable and highly efficient operations.