Asset Due Diligence

Buyers need to know the mechanical condition of a facility to determine its value.   Evaluating the current state of the tens of thousands of assets that make up a oil refinery, chemical or gas plant or terminal facility is overwhelming.  Most engineering documents and inspection reports are in paper, PDF or other non-database ready formats, making rapid analysis impossible.  Further, analysis of asset information kept in enterprise asset management systems would seem to be logical approach, but stale, questionable or missing data will undermine any findings.

INFORMONICS can quickly create a snapshot of the current condition of a facility using our data extraction and automation technologies.  We rapidly collect, sort and analyze mounds of asset data across a variety of systems and formats.  Information for all critical assets is instantly reconciled across their life-cycles and against over 600 specialized industry guidelines and calculations.    Operating from a up-to-date 'source of truth' INFORMONICS' integrity experts then check and interpret the data.  In short order, we can arm a buyer (or seller) with a thorough understanding of a facility's condition - providing a solid basis for valuation.

When assets change hands, using INFORMONICS 'asset due diligence service can make the difference of millions of dollars in the sale price.